Elliot J. Tamir

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Elliot J. Tamir co-founded Vesper Holdings to focus on private equity real estate investment in both commercial and residential properties.

Mr. Tamir’s 30 years of experience in almost all asset classes of real estate including residential, commercial, development and parking serves Vesper well in its continued pursuit of opportunistic real estate investments nationwide.

In 2015 Mr. Tamir Co-founded Campus Life and Style with the goal to assemble a team of highly passionate and motivated individuals that will create tremendous value for its real estate portfolio by producing an unparalleled resident experience, a best in class workplace environment, a positive and sustained company culture & groundbreaking style and design.

In 2010 Vesper Holdings launched its student housing acquisition fund. The cornerstone of Mr. Tamir’s investment and management strategies has always been his focus on key niche sectors experiencing strong demographic growth, historic resistance to economic downturns and fragmented ownership. Vesper is currently the 9th largest privately held owner of student housing in the US.

In 2003 Mr. Tamir began the construction and development of Aria, a 40,000 square foot condominium project located in Brooklyn’s historic Williamsburg section. This modern, state of the art luxury condominium tower was completed on time, within budget and sold out at prices above market. Aria was the winner of a unique AIA award for its innovative and out of the box designs. Mr. Tamir currently serves as the president of the Aria condominium board.

In 1999 Mr. Tamir created The Tamir Group to focus on the acquisition and repositioning of mixed-use properties in the historic Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Tamir realized that young urban professionals and artists living in Manhattan were willing to move to Brooklyn, live in larger spaces for half the rent and commute to the city in less than fifteen minutes on the L train. He quickly capitalized on the opportunity by amassing a portfolio of properties throughout the borough.

In 1990 Mr. Tamir began his career by establishing The Tamir Parking Corporation, a company that focused on the acquisitions and management of New York City parking garages. While many parking operators were overextended and trying to reorganize due to the recession, Mr. Tamir recognized that it was an opportune time to enter this niche business. In his capacity as President and CEO, Mr. Tamir focused on identifying and acquiring key locations for purchase and lease while simultaneously building a strong management team to handle day to day operations. Under his leadership, The Tamir Parking portfolio grew to over 20 core Manhattan locations.

Mr. Tamir sits on the board of Propel Network, Apex Care and The Amtrak FOP.